This Letter might be small and tiny, my writing might disappear as the space around it is so vast, but you can still see my little words, still read my small letters - if you want to; an expression of my outrage! DIGNITY, this thing beyond life and autonomy, this shared responsibility, for which we fumble for words because they always seem too small to express it - We write essays, need philosophers, theories, discussions, disputes, wars - humiliation. At one point you find yourself naked. This is when you know what dignity means. When it is taken from you, you will outrage and do everything to take it back! I tell you: It is time to outrage NOW! INDIGNEZ-VOUS! The negation of dignitas is the cry for change, for justice, fairness, equality, diversity, more, less… To outrage means to take ACTION, to make something, to design new worlds and ways, it means to support transparency and to call for the best QUALITY! We have our eyes wide open, we want to see! The first thing to do as your dignity is in danker is to DISOBEY -
Stand up! Take Action! It will be hard - yes! Inconvenient - yes! Trust me, it was easier to write on the straight line… you know you do have ability of critical thinking. And you might ask yourself, why a dressmaker is telling you all this stuff about disobedience and dignity and action and quality, calling for outrage!?
Use things! Use your clothes Stop consuming - you are more, so much more. Don’t let them call you a consumer. Stop consuming - Use
Time, Devotion and Care. Take Action. Mend.
No Dignity = No quality.
This is my manifesto. – Isabela B. Gygax

don’t stay in the Line! Actually, why am I writing on a straight line?
De-Follow all the bullshit seducing you into consumerism and low quality stuff.

go out and find your own path, follow your own way,use your brain and your heart
Stand up for yourself by standing up for others.
we design fashion, we make things, we take action and create culture - we write history we write future and existence… What we need is Humanitas! Look at indigenous peoples, rebells, suffragettes, drag queens, punks, homeless, the pussy hat, the little hole in your jumper.. do you know how to mend it?

You know what is right - if you don’t, be curious and find out.
A paradox? Useless? Well - No! Dress has always been an expression of our identity as humans, if dignity has never been photographed, it has certainly been DRESSED.
Use Stop consumption! Sustain Memories You’re way Collective Love

Expression Convenience to Buy Quality Expression Mending Action Identity Machine Time Identity Action Hands Disobey Care Care Waste Disposal Appearance Self display Revolution Future Invictus Silence Our way diversity action!






Homo laborans, 2017
Extract of Master Thesis
Paper published by Global Fashion Conference 2018

The Homo laborans is a speculative prototype of a garment worker genetically adapted to the major health-issues in the CMT-process. The final installation aims to provoke a deeper reflection on the notion of human dignity and the shared responsibility to defend the cause of fair labour. If we take a Darwinian approach to tackle the problems fast fashion confronts us with, and adapt humans to inhumane conditions of production as opposed to the other way around - will we have found our solution? How far are we as a society prepared to go to uphold our appearances?

What Is Our Water?
Extract from MA Thesis
Curation by Isabela B. Gygax mentored by Ligaya Salazar, Director of Fashion Space Gallery, London
Link to video

The exhibition "What is Our Water" is a collaborative experiment investigating different notions of dignity surrounding garments, fashion and consumption, as a means to visualise the human condition we are living in - What, as humans and as a society, do we actually display? Is our 'appearingness' nothing more than a mere consumption-performance?

Speculative Gender, 2017
Prototyping Challenge, LCF, with Dian-Jen Lin

Mary got pregnant from hearing - The iconographic of this event depicts the Virgin Mary with her ear shown, as she listens to the announcement of Gabriel the Archangel. The power of words is key to spread religious messages – also on gender roles.
What if our gender wasn’t relevant to how we procreate, what if we could actually become pregnant from words? How would hatred look like? How would a love poem manifest on our bodies? We took the poems of the 1 Corinthians 13, the song of love, and imagined bodies conceive from its lyrics.

Speculative Luxury, 2017
Prototyping Challenge, LCF, with Katie Covacco

What is more precious than live itself? We imagined living handbags that would combine the internet’s love for cats with the lust for cruelty when it comes to luxury: fur, exotic leather, rare and expensive cats – luxury often involves questionable practices, and eccentric needs.
We created a series of social media content showing starlets like Paris Hilton or street style icons as well as run way creations showing off their newest status symbols: living cat-hand bags. The bags come with a complete service for cleaning and feeding and will last approximately for 3 years.